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Have you ever thought...

"I do good work, I provide my clients great pain relief but I have some clients with challenging issues and I don't know how to resolve them"

"I feel there's something that I'm missing when it comes to resolving neck in my clients but I don't know what it is"

"Maybe only other therapists can do advanced type of work"

I used to think the exact same way

It's difficult to know what techniques work.

It's also difficult to resolve really challenging issues just based on the techniques we learned in basic training

Have you noticed? Doing the same techniques over and over again just isn't resolving those challenging issues.

No matter how good you are, no matter how hard you work, you need to develop these top skills:

You must learn how to properly palpate the tissue

I can't stress this enough. If you're doing rote strokes and not listening to the tissue under your hands, more rote techniques won't work.

Sooner or later every practitioner comes to the same conclusion:

Expert palpation around the neck vertebrae is a REQUIRED SKILL

I know this because knowing my way around neck vertebrae has helped me help hundreds of clients find neck pain relief.

After 15 years in private practice, I can honestly say that knowing my way around the cervical vertebrae has helped me get results.

Every time I work on a client with neck issues I utilize the techniques shown here and I get results. These clients have been a keystone to the success of my private practice.

Over the years I've had the honor of helping thousands of people get neck pain relief.

The one thing I've seen over and over that can crush an otherwise strong practice is the lack of skillful palpation

It really gets me when I see a skillful practitioner fail to get their clients out of pain when all they needed were some specific techniques and spinal mechanics knowledge. This is exactly why I put together this online course, just for you, to help you help your clients.

ADVANCED NECK WORK introduces the manual therapist (Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Athletic Trainer) to advanced techniques for the neck in order to help clients get out of neck pain using soft tissue manual therapy - FAST.

What's inside:
High quality videos and great closeups allow the viewer to see various techniques in detail.
PDF handout details the entire course in an easy to follow transcript

No other online course shares the spinal mechanics knowledge shown here and in an applicable way that will help you help your clients get out of neck pain.


"Used the knowledge from your online course. Made tons of progress gentler. Thanks!"
J. S.

"A lot of massage therapists will use the same handful of moves for every client because that's all they know. This [course] not only presents techniques that are probably brand-new to most, but more importantly, provides a basis to devise a custom approach for every single client. If you're a bodyworker who likes to know exactly what you're doing and why, this purchase will pay off quickly."

"This [course] delivers complex information but I like how Marty breaks it down into clear concise segments (chapters). The explanatory diagrams and demonstrations helped affirm my understanding of spinal mechanics and I get to apply this into practice. I find these techniques very helpful for my clients with a "tweaked neck" get out of pain."

"...most of my clients also have chronic discomfort and pain issues.....since I have a tendency to focus on the problem area rather than seeing the whole picture, the Rolfing method and your method has helped me to open my holistic eyes again. Also, your video helped me a lot to approach more specific issues using holistic method. Thank you so much...looking forward to have new lectures."
Kay (massage therapist)


Without exaggeration, what you're about to learn has helped hundreds of people help hundreds of people get out of neck pain. That equals hundreds of thousands of people getting neck pain relief.

There's no other online course that is as information-packed and results focused that can help you get your client's out of neck pain

NOTE: CEU's may be available for this course. Please contact us at [email protected] for your certificate of completion.

Your Instructor

Marty Morales
Marty Morales
  • Certified Advanced Rolfer™, CMT
  • Founder of the Morales Method® of Manual Therapy & Body Conditioning
  • NCBTMB and BOC approved continuing education provider
  • Creator of the Morales Method® Core Integration Therapist Program, IASI approved
  • Author: Mastering Body Mechanics, 2nd Ed and Morales Method® Core Integration Therapy
  • Teaching since 2006
  • Marty has taught in California, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Japan, Switzerland, Poland, and Taiwan
  • In private practice since 2003 with over 10,000 hours of private practice logged
  • MBA in Finance from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
  • Read testimonials here

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for me?
This course is for you if: 1. You want to bring high level skills into your practice 2. You want to learn how to help your clients find neck pain relief 3. You've had challenging situations and can't seem to find a solution for your clients 4. You don't have the time to attend a hands-on seminar workshop
What do I get from taking this course?
Simple answer. You get 80 minutes packed with only the best skills and techniques that I have acquired over the years that have helped me help my clients find neck pain relief!
I have 1,000 hours of massage training, is this course for me?
Yes! This course will teach you techniques that, when blended in with the palpation skill, go beyond what is taught in a 1,000 course!
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Could this course NOT be for me?
It could not be for you if: 1. You've never had any basic massage training before This course is definitely for people who have had some type of massage experience

At the end of this course you will be exposed to the skills necessary to:
1. Palpate and discern the difference in tissue tension
2. Be able to assess and palpate vertebral rotation
3. Use range of motion techniques to be able to de-rotate rotated vertebra
4. Use assessment techniques to determine rotated vertebra
5. Be able to work the anterior part of the neck
6. Be able to work the neck using deep tissue techniques in a safe and effective manner

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